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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Adopting a tree pit

While some people adopt stray cats or rescue dogs, two weeks ago I took on this tree pit, at the base of a old plane tree by our street corner.  It was a sorry sight, attracting cigarette butts and litter, and a favourite stopping place for local dogs. Now, a bag of compost and some plants from a green-fingered neighbour (thank you, Margaret), have transformed it into an embryonic garden.  The current heatwave means going out with a watering can every evening, but the plants are starting to flower and the rubbish hasn’t reappeared.  There’ve been some encouraging comments from  passers-by, so who knows, perhaps by next year we’ll have a sucession of mini gardens along the street, as there are in nearby Blenheim Gardens (below) – my inspiration!

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