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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

An eco-friendly way with seedlings

It’s always interesting to meet the people behind products, especially in the gardening world, so I was delighted to come across Jane Vere-Hodge at a recent garden press event. Her company, Nether Wallop Trading Company, markets many useful garden items made of traditional materials, but the one I’m most familiar with is her Paper Potter, which turns old newspapers into mini-pots for germinating seeds. 

 It's a simple concept, and I have friends who use them. But how did the product come into being? Jane says it happened when she moved house and found herself with a large garden. Full of enthusiasm, she began growing plants from seed, but soon became concerned about the number of plastic pots she was getting through. She  starteds. She told me the idea came to herrtebegand growing plants from seed. But it was a oon ran out of  looking for a more eco-friendly way to raise seedlings – experimented, and the original Paper Potter was born.

Some 20 years on, it’s still a top seller. 


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