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Friday, 20 November 2015

A knitted tribute: Wool War One

Those who give their lives in the First World War are being remembered in many different ways as we mark the centenary of the conflict. One of the more unusual is an installation by French artist, Délit Maillet: Wool War One. Helped by several hundred volunteers from around the world, she's created a column of  800 tiny knitted soldiers, complete with belts, haversacks, hats and boots.

  The choice of wool was deliberate, as it was widely used in uniforms and equipment, and still plays and important part in the agricultural economy of countries that fought in the conflict, such as Australia, the UK, NZ and South Africa.
 The figures have been displayed at Roubaix in northern France, as part of the Farewell to Arms season, and at the Grand Palais in Paris. They came briefly to London for World Travel Market, and will hopefully make further appearances,with official commemorations to mark the Battle of the Somme beginning in France on July 1 and a new interpretation centre opening in June in Thiepval .