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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Garden labelling sorted!

It’s time to start sowing seeds for planting out when the weather warms up, and I’m impressed with my new Brother garden labeller. It’s light, easy to use, the adhesive labels are beautifully clear and - big plus! - weather-resistant. They can go either directly on the pots and seed trays, or be stuck on plastic markers to be transferred when the seedlings need potting on. I’m trialling tomato seeds in some SilvaGrow peatfree compost to see how they compare with those grown in standard compost from the garden centre, so it’s vital there’s no confusion.  (They’ve just gone into the propagator – there’ll be an update on the result.)
The labeller is a Brother GL-H105, and I can already see many other uses for the labels: on office files and boxes, on plugs, and also for identifying food in the freezer. Plus the included guide says iron-on name tapes are available.  

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