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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Inspiration at the Edible Garden Show

There were some interesting exhibits at the 2014 Edible Garden Show, held for the first time at Alexandra Palace in London,  but what really caught my eye was the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Food Champions show garden.  Its focal point was this unusual greenhouse, made from 1500 plastic bottles. They’d been collected by local school children, washed, and with the bottoms cut off, threaded on vertical canes to make walls. A great way to give protection to tender plants, which could be adapted for small-scale projects.
The Food Champions is a 3-year venture which aims to get local communities growing their own food. Last year the organisers gave away more than 700 fruit trees, planted community gardens and taught local people how to grow and cook fruit and vegetables. This year their focus will be on the growing number of military families in Wiltshire, using food to help them become part of their local community. Here's hoping to see them at the show next year.

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