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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Open Gardens Day inspiration

In NW London, we’ve just had our neigbhourhood’s Open Gardens Day - 14 stunning back gardens, all close to each other, but usually hidden from view. As usual, the afternoon brought hundreds of Mapesbury residents and their friends out onto the streets, holding maps with garden details and exchanging recommendations with fellow enthusiasts. They found a huge range of planting – everything from formal to cottage (above), woodland and meadow - and came away with plenty of inspiration and a better idea of what thrives - or doesn’t -  in our local area. 

I didn't have time to see all the gardens, but of those I did, my highlights included these euphorbias - almost like sculptures, their lime green singing against pink and orange flowers.

I also loved the way this spectacular climbing rose gives an extra dimension to an old fruit tree.

 I've never before seen such amazing wisteria - trained into a fan, so you can actually walk underneath.

And keeping slugs and snails at bay, a little raised planter which brings fresh herbs and salad leaves to the kitchen door. A great idea!

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