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Saturday, 10 March 2012

£500 Reward for Gardeners

Have you spotted something unusual amongst the plants in your garden? Has something come up in a different shade or with different blooms or fragrance to what was expected? If so, you could be in for a windfall from Thompson and Morgan.
A few seasons back, a gardener in Suffolk noticed an unusually short and compact foxglove, with blooms appearing in whorls all around the stem. The seeds were sent to T and M, and now 'Primrose Carousel' (left) is available for everyone to enjoy.. 

The company says it will pay £500 or more for each new plant that makes it into their range. Among the successful plants which have emerged in this way are Marigold ‘Mr Majestic’ (above) and Nasturtium ‘Flame Thrower’ (below).

The company is also looking for new vegetables. One tomato now on sale, Sungella, emerged when a gardener tried  crossing the small-fruited, extra-sweet tomato Sungold with a larger type.

Details are on the Thompson and Morgan website,
along with instructions on what to look for and how to cross-pollinate.

So keep a close eye on what emerges over the next few months. You could be on to a winner.

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