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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring has well and truly sprung

It’s always wonderful to see gardens coming back to life. Last autumn some green-fingered volunteers planted 2,500 bulbs to beautify the tree pits along their street, Blenheim Gardens, in N.W. London. Now the crocuses and snowdrops are emerging, soon to be followed by jonquils and tulips. The project was supported by the local residents’ association, MapRA, and everyone is enjoying the colourful display.

Meanwhile, I’ve fallen in love with these snowdrops which have appeared at the end of our garden. I didn’t plant them (I suspect squirrels had something to do with this) but they look so delicate - the pure white flowers with green inner markings trembling in the slightest breeze. I’ve tentatively identified them as Galanthus ‘S.Arnott’ but would appreciate any more suggestions.

And if you’re anywhere near Chiswick House gardens in West London, I spotted this carpet of snowdrops there the other day. Their transience and fragility contrasts beautifully with the rough bark of the sheltering tree.
Chiswick House and Gardens Chiswick W4 2RP

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