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Friday, 24 June 2011

Streetscape - the Greening of Blenheim Gardens

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We're lucky to have lots of trees along the streets where I live in north-west London. But too often the area around them gets filled with weeds and litter. Now some keen gardeners are working on a project which is changing this. When they saw the local council (Brent) carrying out footpath improvements outside their homes, they got permission to plant flowers around the tree pits that were being created. A few months on, using lots of low-maintenance hardy perennials and a smattering of bulbs and colourful annuals, they've transformed their street. A walk along Blenheim Gardens has become a journey of discovery – each tree pit is different, with surprises around every corner.
All the work and after-care, such as weeding and watering, is on a voluntary basis, and as more people get involved, surplus plants from their gardens are being added to the planting. It’s a great example of how to improve the environment while increasing community spirit.
The project is being supported by the council and the Mapesbury Residents' Assn (MapRA).


  1. Really love what you've done! We are trying to get a similar project going in Hackney!

  2. Good luck! Blenheim Gardens is now blooming, and the idea has spread to some surrounding streets. It makes a real difference. I found a similar, but much larger, project in Auvers-sur-Oise last year - see